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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Time to get crackin'...

Today I have one mission: get that Johns Hopkins application OUT. I've pretty much been getting everything else done besides that, and it's kind of looming over me and ruining my beautiful winter break. All I have to do is write a two page critique of my writing portfolio. Seems simple, no? Well, no. It must not be, because I've been writing/erasing/writing all morning with little to show for the wasted time. But! I will conquer. In fact, I want to be in one hour. Then I can tidy up the house a bit, clean out the fridgy, and maybe get my run in before I have to take the Chloe to the doctor at 2:45.

I just had a little breakfast of the mac'n cheese from last night with half a grapefruit, and am now sippin' on some lemon water with a little Stevia. I'm down one pound from last Weds, so that's actually very nice to know. I'm trying not to be obsessed with numbers but I keep having these nightmares about looking like a stuffed sausage in my wedding dress!

Anyway, picture posting later. Writing now.


Lunch - mixed green salad with tahini dressing and my little pizza

Dinner, more quinoa mac'n cheese with purple kale, carrots, and tahini dressing

And these little beauties... Laura's Wholesome Junk Food chocolate chip oatmeal "Bite-lettes"...Can I say, WOW. Wow. So yummy. Like delicious, healthy cookie dough. Found them today a Whole Foods, they are also Vegan.

Good day today. Got my application out and made it to the gym, which went well. I did spend a little too much at Whole Foods, but... what else is new. ;)

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