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Monday, January 11, 2010

Manic Monday

Today I finally got my lounge-loving butt back into the gym to get myself back into running shape. It was slow going, but I'm glad that I went. I think the key for me is to get it done first thing, otherwise I think of too many reasons not to go. I'm very glad I made Lindsay's delicious muffins yesterday, because I had a quick grab-n-go snack on my way to the gym, so I wasn't completely starving. It's gonna be a busy week with wedding invitations and getting my grad school apps out, but it shouldn't be too bad. Looking forward to my mom and sister + bf coming up to visit for mom's birthday this weekend!

This pizza is just my favorite ever. And so quick! I will definitely be using this recipe for when I go down to Orlando at the end of the month. Topped with some yummy mango salsa.

Okay, wow. So I tried the vegan mac'n cheese that Diana mentioned today on her blog, only I went a bit closer to its original recipe, from the Pure2Raw Twins. SO AMAZINGLY GOOD. My tummy felt so happy with this and the side of bok choy sauteed with a little soy sauce, chili pepper flakes, and agave syrup.

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