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Friday, January 8, 2010

Someone got a late start today...

I blame it on the workout yesterday. It literally took me an entire minute to lower myself into this chair. Because I wasn't really in the mood to even microwave some oats, I made a quickie breakfast using the leftover mock tuna (of which I have copious amounts, yum yum) and an Arnold Sandwich thin. I'm also pleased to say that I went to Whole Foods yesterday and found substitutes for my normal Coffeemate creamer and splenda routine, because it just seems like a darn good idea to not drink in all those chemicals every day. I am super pleased with the alternatives. The creamer is especially delicious, it's even called SO Delicious and it's made from coconut. Mine is French Vanilla. Yum. Today I am eating up on the leftovers from the past few days, but I might try my hand at a vegan alfredo sauce later on.

Coffee with Truvia and SO Delicious creamer, 1/2 Arnold's Whole Wheat thin with mock tuna, 1/2 grapefruit.


So I did have a picture with all the food, but this close up was so pretty I just wanted to use it instead. In addition to the leftover Turkish lentils, drizzled with a dressing of tahini, a
gave, rice vinegar, and a little soy
sauce, I also had a big salad with cucumbers and carrots, also smothered in aforementioned dressing. Delicious.

The tahini is very calorie dense, as are the lentils, so this meal is quite filling. It took a lot of willpower not to drench the entire thing in that delicious dressing!

Tonight is date night and we are going to Paparazzi's (our fave local joint) and a movie after. I've decided to eat beforehand, so I'll probably have a repeat of breakfast sans the grapefruit before James picks me up around 5:30, and bring a Larabar with me to munch on at the movie. I'm going to allow myself one cocktail, either a glas
s of wine or a dirty martini, which
I've been craving lately. GO WILLPOWER. We shall see. :)

So, here's how it went... that VERY dirty and delicious martini was my second. But I did not eat any bad stuff, and instead had a Larabar, which I definitely forgot to take a picture of.

Upon returning home, I quickly
toasted half an Arnold thin and topped it with my mock tuna, a few slices of cucumber and a drizzle (OK, a quick shower) of the tahini dressing I made earlier. Then I promptly dug in and forgot the picture until a few bites later, voila!

All in all, a successful date night. We saw a wonderful film -- The Blind Side -- and met some cool people at Paparazzi. So now I'm off to wash my face, disrobe, and go join my hunny in the bed. Happy Weekend!

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